the Finance Stack logo on dark background surrounded by colourful shapes that appear to be radiating out from the centre of the image.


Expandable branding for a company that grows with you.






Start-ups need to be agile while still requiring a finance team with a wealth of experience to guide them—fractional finance teams provide a modern solution.

theFinanceStack enables every company, whether in stealth mode or scaling, to have the knowledge, insights & best practices of an “at scale” company.

The updated brand icon in a 4x4 grid.New 4x4 grid with a selection of brand shapes visible around it

Brad Williams, CEO and founder of theFinanceStack approached Brunch to take the existing icon and create a full brand for his latest venture.

Using the icon as a base, we simplified and aligned out to a 4x4 grid system and a selection of brand shapes. Freshened up and paired with a modern typeface it was transformed into a full brand. The new brand system acted as a guide for the identity of a sister company that was already in the works. Expanding into a modern family of connected brands - each with their own identity but retaining a shared aesthetic.

Three brand shapes, two containing photos of staff extending beyond the shape, and one in solid colour.

theFinanceStack's USP is providing a fractional team that expand to fit their clients need. The brand shapes formed a flexible system to help represent the scalability and flexibility to compliment this approach.

“Brunch design did an exceptional job in taking our high level thoughts for our site and distilling the essence of the messaging. Creating a UX that really pulls people in and conveys our business model in an intuitive way. Excited to keep working with them as we grow and expand our business AND refer Brunch more business as we already have. We’re raving fans and love what you do!”
Brad Williams
A social post explaining what the CFO Stack icon representsA social post welcoming a new member to the team with a photoA social post congratulating a client for reaching a new milestone surrounded by brand shapes and arrows.
A Tate bag that reads 'Blazingly Fast Stats'Example business card design for the company founder.

With a complex, multi-tiered service, wireframes were used to scope out the site content and establish UX patterns to help deliver content in a clear and approachable way.

As part of this exercise we partnered with a motion designer to create a simple, 'elevator pitch' video that shows the core functionality.

We transformed the wireframes into a polished and modern digital site, built in Webflow with Hubspot integration to provide a marketing funnel and allow easy updates.

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