Brand icon design for Remind Helper

Remind Helper

A digital first brand, for an audience outside the space.





Medication adherence services are dated and expensive. Remind Helper provide a new SAAS offering that is reliable and affordable for elderly patients and their families.

The team needed a brand reflective of the important service they provide, but with a nod towards their digital approach. A modern and friendly aesthetic that would stand out in a fairly tame market.

Visual of brand icon representing the 4 core brand pillars.

Remind Helper exists at the convergence of multiple factors in a persons’ life - care, family, independence & well-being.

The brand icon is reflective of these four core pillars.

The icon provides a bold focal point to unite the brand under. We paired this with a warm & versatile typographic and visual system to ensure the brand is always welcoming & approachable.

Example typography using the serif typeface Argent.Example typography using the sans-serif typeface Ambit.
"We think it looks perfect! Love the logo, typography, vision, and iconography."
Raj Gandi
Custom brand icon for messaging with description of 'Custom & Personalized Messages'Custom brand icon for medication with description of 'Improved Medication Adherence.'Custom brand icon for alerts with description of 'Get Notified If They Don't Answer'.

A suite of bespoke icons were created to visualise the service's 3 key offerings and provide a base for future expansion and app design.

We collaborated with the team to design and build a landing page in Webflow. This initial site built brand awareness, provided key product info, and account access for users.

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