Hero graphic showing a mixture of cutout people that work for Cognito, surround and layered with illustrations of scribbles and doodles.


A friendly, approachable new brand vision for a serious service.







New Cognito Logo

Cognito provide affordable online therapy sessions across Canada. In an increasingly saturated sector dominated with cliché stock photography, dark colours and heavy messaging, we pivoted the new brand towards something delightfully unexpected.

Cognito approached Brunch to review and help re-position their existing brand. After speaking to the team it became clear they required a more approachable brand to connect with their key audiences.

A grey square showing the previous Cognito brand in blue.A grey square showing the new Cognito brand in green.
Cognito illustration representing digital appointments with two chat icons on a background of colourful scribbles.Cognito illustration representing prescription delivery with a medicinal pill container in a shipping box on a background of colourful scribbles.Cognito illustration representing their bespoke app with a phone on a background of colourful scribbles.
Custom Cognito illustration representing Insonnia with a drowsy eye surrounded by colourful swirling background illustration.

Alongside an updated brand we worked with an illustrator to create a bespoke illustration style and a library of materials.

Billboard design advertising 'Anxiety' in bold typography above a layered, textured colourful illustrated background in an urban street.
"Brunch have been an essential part of building and creating Cognito's brand. The team are easy to work with, very collaborative and incredibly talented. If you're looking for world class design, I highly recommend working with Brunch."
Armon Arani
3 iPhones all showing a social story ion Instagram with bespoke designs.

Following a successful brand update we have partnered with the Cognito team across their entire brand design, from bespoke yet discrete packaging, to motion design, and ad campaigns.

Bespoke packaging design for Cogntio users to receive prescriptions inside that is discrete on the outside but vibrant inside.
The rear end of a bus with a full bleed advert showing two people above illustrated background with advertising message for Cognito.

Cognito requried a modern digital presence that stood out. We designed and built a bespoke site in Webflow, integrating marketing funnels, CMS and animation. The site has grown organically over the past few years with additional pages of content and refined marketing pages targeting key demographics.

3 iPhone screens showing example sections of the Cogntio website.

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