Pacific Branding laid over photo of British Columbia wilderness with a winding path following a stream and pine trees in the foreground, misty mountain in the background.


Branding and direction for a partner that helps you resolve your matter, the right way.





Laura Weston — an established Canadian lawyer with an affinity to the Pacific coast, approached us to brand her new independet and boutique legal practice, Pacifica.

Providing an exceptional service to sophisticated clients, with a focus on delivering skilled and compassionate mediation, Pacifica needed a suitably refined and timeless brand.

Visual showing the different between the original type inn the letters 'fi' and the custom ligature we created for the brand.

Pacifica provide an immersive mediation service to explore non-legal solutions, and the process is akin to a balancing act of both parties requirements. We drew inspiration from stone cairns to create an ever changing brand icon reflective of this act.

Dark maroon tote bag with balancing pebbles / stone cain in a light pink

Pacifica look to distinguish themselves apart from the typical legal firm 'swag'.

Portrait compliment slip design with brand icon and minimal high-end typography on dark green background.Visual of office window from streets with brick pillars to sides and Pacifica branding and pebbles on window in white frosted glass manifesto.

Online, we worked with Pacifica to create a bespoke website with more personality than your typical law firm. With a strong visual style and large photography that anchors Pacifica to their surroundings in British Columbia.

"I love it! It feels sophisticated and distinctive with a touch of westcoast – just what I am going for! It is fabulous."
Laura Weston

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