Mr Bingo's Open Studio


Mr Bingo signing an original drawing

Mr Bingo doesn't need much of an introduction (if any!) in the creative scene, but in the words of the man himself…

Mr Bingo was a commercial illustrator for 15 years, working regularly for clients such as The New Yorker, The Guardian, TIME, CH4, The Mighty Boosh & The New York Times. An archive of the thousands of illustrations from this period doesn’t exist online because he got bored once in a motorhome and deleted his entire portfolio website.

In 2015 he launched a Kickstarter to fund a book about his Hate Mail project. The campaign featured a rap video and a diverse selection of rewards including being trolled, having your washing up done, going on a date in Wetherspoons, being told to fuck off on Christmas Day and getting shitfaced on a train.

He decided around this period to never work for clients ever again and focus on being some sort of artist which he’s done ever since.

After we missed his first Open Studio event in 2021 we finally made the pilgrimage across from Cardiff for this year's finale, before he 'fucks off for a while on New Year's Eve'.

Original drawings taped to a wall including one of Kim Kardashian
'Bored of Wellness'

It was hugely inspiring to take a look at his studio space which was covered from top to bottom with prints, original drawings, fan mail, souvenirs and generally weird postcards. After grabbing a beer we had a nose around the studio and spoke to Bingo himself about his journey from commercial illustrator to self-directed artist.

Original metal printing plates used for letterpress prints
Original metal printing plates used for letterpress prints.
Letterpress on Candy Pink GF Smith Colorplan Stock
'Who Cares' - A botanical study
A variety of Mr Bingo postcards, prints and drawings taped to the studio wall.
Postcards, prints and drawings.
'Fucking Hell I'm Bored of Covid' design on Camden Town lager bottle
12+ pots full of perfectly sharpened pencils of all colours.
Tools of the trade.
A selection of prints including the seminal 'Types of Hedges'
Amazing gradient screen prints.
A selection of prints for sale in front of an iMAC
'Keep busy and avoid existential thoughts'
Original drawing reading Martin Olley is a …
Long term fans might remember Mr Bingo's longest running rap battle-esque feud…
A montage of original art including handwritten lyrics of 'I see you baby shaking that arse' and a photo with  UK comedian Joe Lycett.
'Shaking that arse'
stacked of brown boxes on a shelf with amusing labels such as 'Fan Mail (4)'
'Fan mail'
Shelf with cactus, beer in glass does and a pale sculpture of Mr Bingo.
Probably best not to ask about the head…
Mr Bingo signing original drawings
Two original drawings added to our collection,
Table of original art and a gravestone that reads 'Don't forget to have fun'
Birthday card for a one year old baby on a shelf
'Dear 1 year old baby'
'You haven't got this'
'You haven't got this'
Cast of a gravestone sculpture
Mould of a gravestone sculpture, complete with tiny man.
A4 portfolio folders filled with original drawings
A4 folders filled with original drawings, sketches and studies
'Fucking Hell I'm Bored of Covid' design on Camden Town lager bottle

A massive thanks to Mr Bingo for opening up his studio, sharing some amusing anecdotes, and putting up with my offers to buy any-and-everything (and thanks Copper in the clouds + Camden Town Brewery for the booze).

We highly recommend giving Bingo a follow on his Instagram here and you can check out his art here.